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Dr. Leo Pruimboom

Soy bioquímico, fisioterapeuta y fundador de la Psiconeuroinmunología clínica


Con muchos años de trabajo y pionero en este campo en gran medida, me considero como el Don Quijote en la Psiconeuroimunología clínica, viajando por todo el mundo, para hacerla mucho más grande. Esto también se ha cumplido junto a personas indispensables como el co-fundador de la PNI clínica el Dr. Bram van Dam, el co-fundador de Natura Foundation, Rik Bogaerds, el director de Kpni Akademie, Tom Fox, y como no, los españoles Daniel de la Serna, Elena López y Pablo Martínez.

Contacto / +31(0) 85 130 24 41

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Curriculum Vitae


Name: Dr. Leo Pruimboom
Date of birth: May 12, 1961
Place of birth: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Citizenship: Dutch

Current titles

1983 Licensed in Physiotherapy SAFA (Amsterdam)
1988 Biochemistry and Physiology (Amsterdam)
1989 Postgraduate in Sports-physiotherapy (Mainz)
2015 Master in NLP and Solution Focused Brief Therapy
2017 PhD in Clinical PNI, evolutionary medicine and lifestyle medicine


2008 - 2011 Director
University of Graz (Master in CPNI)

2006 - 2012 Director
Master in PNIC, University of Gerona

2006 - 2007 Inivited
Instituto de Empresa (International Business School) Madrid – Segovia

2004 - 2005 Teacher
University of Lisbon (Master in Sportphysiotherapy – Clinical PNI)

2002 - 2009 Teacher
University of Santiago de Compostela (Master in natural medicine – Clinical PNI)

1987 - AEP
Posgraduate director and teacher in Holland, Germany, Spain, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Brasil, Turkey, England

2012 - Teacher
University of Middlesex, Wockingham; Master in nutritional therapy

1999 - 2019 Natura Foundation
Scientific director Natura Foundation

2012 - 2017
Staff member University of Groningen

2011 - Teacher
Different másters of CNELM, University of Middlesex, London, UK

Clinical Affiliations

1986 – 2005
Owner of private clinic in PNIC

2005 -
Advicer of multiple private and public clinics in CPNI in Europe

Public Projects

2006 – 2009
Director of the First European Proyect in Clinical PNI and health of a whole city (Chipiona, Andaluzia – Spain).

Private Projects

2015 –
Consultant of several professional football teams throughout Europe.

1999 – 2002
Director of the development of "Panticosa Resort", a PNI health promoting wellness center.

1999 – 2001
Scientific Director of the "Villarreal CF" project of Clinical PNI in professional soccer.

1991 – 1997
Scientific Director of the "Pamesa CB" project of Clinical PNI in professional Basketbal.

1989 – 1992
Physiotherapist and advisor of the "RFEF" project of Clinical PNI in professional female athletes in sprint.

Scientific Invitations

More than 200 congresses in the last 20 years.

Most important Publications

Indexed in Pubmed
  1. Pruimboom L. Muskiet FAH. Intermittent Living. Med Hypothesis 2018
  2. Pruimboom L. Raison C. Muskiet FAJ. The study of origin, Biomed Research 2016
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  4. Pruimboom L. Reheis D. Intermittent Drinking. Medical Hypothesis 2016
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  6. Pruimboom L, de Punder K. Gluten is Morphine: Asymptomatic Celiac Disease. Journal of Health, Population and Nutrition (2015) 33:24
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  12. Ruiz-Núñez, B., Pruimboom, L., Dijck-Brouwer, D. A. & Muskiet, F. A. Lifestyle and nutritional imbalances associated with Western diseases: causes and consequences of chronic systemic low-grade inflammation in an evolutionary context. J Nutr Biochem 24, 1183-1201 (2013)”.
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  16. Pruimboom L, Dam B van. Chronic Pain: “A non-use disease”. Medical Hypotheses (2007) 68, 506–511.
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  18. Pruimboom L. La necesidad del entrenamiento contra-lateral. RED VII-1 (1993)
  19. Pruimboom L. El pie y su lugar en el deporte. Nuevo sistema de diagnostico y entrenamiento. Revista de entrenamiento deportivo, 5 (3), 7-12 (1991)
Not indexed in Pubmed
  1. Pruimboom L. De pijnneuromatrix. Van Nature nr. 0, okt. 2005, pag. 30-33
  2. Pruimboom L. Curcumine en de strijd tegen anorexia. Van Nature nr. 0, okt. 2005, pag. 35
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Books and Book chapters

  • Pruimboom L., Reheis D. Word weer mens, de terugkeer van homo sapiens. Plumtree 2019
  • Pruimboom, Leo. Por y para medicina y nutrición deportiva. Atres Ediciones Deportivas  / 978-84-605-8738-5
  • Pruimboom L, Dam B van. Orthomolecular medicine. In; Van den Berg. Angewandte Physiologie, Teil 5: Komplementäre Therapien verstehen und integrieren. Thieme Verlag. ISBN 3-13-131121-5. Pages 81 – 162
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  • Pruimboom L, Fox T. Nahrung, Bewegung und Immunology; In Sportphysiotherapy. Herausg. Hans Josef Haas. Thieme Verlag 2012
  • Pruimboom L, Rinderer M, Reheis D. Wirk-Koch-Buch. BUCHER Verlag und den Autoren ISBN 978-3-99018-177-5. 2014

University teacher and head of education (director) in masters

Master in Topsport, INEF de la Coruña, España

2006 - 2010
Postgraduate in psico-neuro-inmunologia, Universidad Europea de Madrid, España

2004 - 2006
Master in sports-phisioterapia, Facultade de Motricidade Humana, Lisboa, Portugal

2004 - 2012
Posgradate in psico-neuro-inmunologia, Universidad de Gerona

2006 - 2011
Master in Natural Medicine, Facultad de Medicina de la Universidad de Santiago de Compostela, España

2006 – 2012
Director of Master in Clinical PNI, Universidad de Gerona and Graz

1987 -
Head of Education, and Head Teacher of CPNI, Natura Foundation, AEP Europe

2019 -
Owner and scientific director PNI Europe

Mentor of master thesis

(32 master dissertations since 2006)

Most important ones
  • Freese J. The role of personality in clinical Psychoneuroimmunology. Cologne (2011)
  • Punder K. Punder, K. & Pruimboom, L. The dietary intake of wheat and other cereal grains and their role in inflammation. Nutrients 5, 771-787 (2013)
  • Hahn D. The Barker hypothesis revised, part 1. A clinical study. (2012)
  • Biedermann V. The Barker hypothesis revised, part 2. A clinical study. (2012)
  • Hanusch Kay. Hyperthermia in patients suffering from depresión (2012)

Journal reviewer

Medical Hypothesis, Plant Foods for Human Nutrition, Vitamins and Trace Elements, Annual Research & Review in Biology, BioMed Research International, International Neuropsychiatric Disease Journal


Psychoneuroimmunology research society
New York Academy of Science


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